by Michael Peacan

When I woke up this morning the water was gone and so was the food. Then the little boy came in. Picnic and Ginger, Providence and Nugget (that's the names) and I are chickens. My name is Lil' (that's short for Little Red). Ginger was pecking at me and I said, "Buck buck buck" at her so she was scared! And by the way, that meant, "You naughty thing! Git out of my face!" So she did. Atter that we went for a long tiring walk in the woods and there came a fox. "Aaaaaa!," we all said. We ran so fast that we almost caught up with the speed of light. We went all the way back to the coop. We were all in such a hurry to get back that we all wanted to have a race to see who could run the fastest. Now we were so so happy to be back again. Even a worm could not stop us from getting home safe.

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