by Michael Peacan

4/28/03 Last Thursday I went to Steele Hill and I went with Ryan and my Mom. We went through the woods on trails and I found a really cool rock with mica on it. We went around the land and it was awesome.

4/12/03 I have a cold. I got the sniffles, and it isn't that bad because Jessie had them too.

4/9/03 I just can't wait until we go to Barbados. I would think it would be cool to go someday soon.

3/24/03 Ryan said, "We should not go to the Holiday Inn for swimming anymore." I said, "Yes we should! We can go to both hotels to swim!"

3/5/03 Last weekend, my Dad took me to the store. He bought me a toy fire truck and it squirts water. The ladder moves up and down, too.

2/26/03 4 days ago I went to my cousin's house. I had fun there too, because we went online and IM her friends. Her mom made a fine dinner. The next day I went to my grandma's house and then we ate and slept there. That's all we did.

1/28/03 Yesterday I went to Jessie's home and I played at their home. I went sledding there too and we had a blast. I played house and I even got to play with her cars. I had a snowball war. We had a blast.

1/27/03 Yesterday I went to a meeting and I saw Jessie there. Well she always wants mints, and I gave her some too. We walked around the place like this: back and forth, back and forth.

1/23/03 Yesterday I went sledding. The thing was that we made a jump and it was great.

11/20/02 I took the dog for a walk. Ryan came with us. I wish that he didn't.

10/31/02 One time Scout ran away and I went with him. We went through someone's yard and through a field. Then we went through the woods for a long time, so long that Ryan could go down to the campground and back. When they were just about to leave in the car to come find me, I came right back with the dog.

9/5/02 Today Scout ran out and he chased the chickens. Then she ran up the step, but he ran right after her. When he came back, he got a biscuit.

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