Book Report

The Adventures of Laura and Jack, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
A "Little House on the Prairie" Book

I like the way that Laura and her dog are best friends. Jack is her dog. In the beginning of the book, Laura thought Jack had died. But then when she was camping out in the middle of a field, she saw some glowing eyes in the dark. She thought it was a wolf! But no! How happy she was to find out it was her very own dog, Jack!

In another part of the book, Jack goes nuts every time he sees a certain man. Ed is a worker for Laura's family; he helps them with their chores. Jack would run back and forth between the barn (where Ed was working) and the house, barking and upset. Then, at the end of the chapter, Jack was better about getting along with Ed.

It is a really good book. I enjoy how everyone is friends in the book, and how Laura describes how they live. They live in a dugout house, they have cute-sounding pets and cows named Bright and Pete, and the story is interesting.

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