Tony's Photos

Getting ready for a special luncheon in the upstairs diningroom
My grandsons, Ryan and Michael, join me

They arrange some nice events here
My room at Epsom Manor. See my candy dish of jelly beans?
My 1-year anniversary here
Opening one of my gifts. It was a golf course calendar
See the calendar on the wall behind me?
Having cake at my table in the diningroom
My table near the porch. See the white stuff outside?

All the photos you've sent are on one board behind my bed
We had a luau in May

They even had pina coladas. See Helen serving them in back?

Cindy is a real sweet gal. That's Barbara. And Mary waving. Lots of women here.

Had a lasagna dinner at Liz's house just after Thanksgiving. Pumpkin-Cheescake pie for dessert -- Yum!
I don't think Bill used a flash on his camera, though. It wasn't really this dark there.
See Scout's head in my lap? He liked it there, where he could take his pick of the crumbs.
With my very good friend, Cindy. She takes care of me.
Terri came up to NH to visit with her new husband Chris, my granddaughter Melissa, and my grandson Chad. She also brought her lapdog, Dixie. Melissa took this shot of me with her mother. Terri doesn't like this photo of herself, and she told me not to show it to so many people. Hee-hee.
With my son Mike, his wife Patty, and my granddaughter Rachel when they visited in November.
In February 2005, Liz and Bill took me to the Mall. It was good to get out.
Heading into JC Penney's
We had lunch at the Food Court. I ate a calzone from Roman Delight Pizza. Don't get a "small" soda if you aren't very thirsty! The cups are the size of a bucket of movie theater popcorn!
At the Food Court
On February 26, we brought Dad to the ice races on frozen Northwood Lake. Although it had been bitterly cold that week, Dad wanted more than anything else "to get out for a bit." He enjoyed his day, and spoke of it endlessly once he was home again. It was Dad's last outing.

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