l January 9th marked the one-year anniversary of Tony's arrival here at Epsom Manor in New Hampshire. A small surprise party was planned for January 4th, but a snowstorm delayed it until Sunday the 5th.
l Family members found Tony playing Solitaire on his computer in his room when they arrived with balloons and gifts and cake. He didn't know what the fuss was about, and reminded everyone that his birthday is June 1st. Though it seemed like he didn't want to celebrate having been in a nursing home for a year, he perked up when his grandsons expressed their happiness at having him so nearby that they can visit often.
l Tony received much-needed clothes (loose-fitting comfy things), a calendar of golf courses from around the world, candy (the sugar-full kind), an easy-grip coffee mug, and a computer game of billiards/pool. He also had balloons and a chocolate fudge cake. His family didn't stick around for his blood sugar test levels that afternoon!
l Tony was chipper and healthy that morning, having recovered fully from his bout with the flu. It had lasted only about 24 hours.
l Although his family had brought an extra coffee for Tony's roommate, Roland, they were sad to find the gentleman missing. He had moved upstairs to the hospital with an infected foot. Tony heard there was a possibility he might lose the foot. Family and friends all wish Roland the best, and a speedy recovery.
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