l Early in the Autumn, Tony had a brush with pneumonia. During treatment, a very small spot was noticed in his lung (on an X-ray). But after recovering enough to breathe without the oxygen machine, and after the fever had passed, it was decided that further investigation (by way of an MRI) was not necessary. If the pneumonia returns frequently and is troublesome, then an MRI will be done to determine what the spot actually is.
l Mid to late October, Tony went for his annual apple-picking trip with Bill and Ryan and Mikey. While he doesn't actually get out of the truck to pick an apple himself, Tony enjoys eating the crispy, juicy treats -- core, seeds and all!
l The changing foliage colors - and the cold! - were a bit delayed this year. But Tony enjoyed the scenic ride around Concord, Epsom and neighboring towns (inside a heated auto). He made special mention of how gorgeous he found the colors this year. While he has several patches of trees he watches from his window at home (monitoring their seasonal change), he was awed by the expanse of glorious autumn scenes Bill was able to find on their tour.
l Tony hasn't yet resorted to his bitter complaining about "this cold state" yet. He even joked with his family one overcast and cool day, saying that he had just been thinking that winter wasn't far off, that he could start complaining about the cold, but that he knew summer wouldn't be much longer after that. And he wondered what he was going to find to complain about once summer did arrive. (We suggested he could complain about the heat, but he said that would never happen!)
l Late this past summer, the folks at Epsom Healthcare Center started a Men's Discussion Group, and Tony joined eagerly. Tom Heald, the staff member who keeps the conversation going, reports that Tony often contributes meaningfully to the discussions. (He doesn't mind the donuts and coffee, either!) It seems there are an increasing number of male residents lately.
l The November 2003 Care Plan Meeting revealed that Tony is still diabetic, but his weight and blood sugar levels are typically steady. They are starting a new meal plan where carbohydrates are supposed to be more evenly distibuted throughout the day's meals, so that Tony will be able to have a small dessert at dinnertime. And they've recently had the residents change meal-time locale,so that Tony goes upstairs to the main dining hall now.
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