l At Tony's care plan meeting in early December, it was decided that he should start some rehabilitation exercises again. No one expects Tony to walk, but doing some strengthening exercises for standing would help when others are assisting him into and out of cars or bed or his wheelchair. When Tony was asked if he thought he might be able to do this type of rehab, he was amenable to trying.
l Mid-December brought Tony another roommate, since Ken was moved to skilled care for pneumonia-like problems. (When Ken recovers, he is expected back in the East Wing, so Tony will see him again.) His new roommate -- whose name is Joseph, but likes to be called Roland -- is the grandfather of one of the nurses on the staff. Apparently she made a special request to have her Pepe move in with Tony. She thought they would get along well, and they do.
l Tony still sits at his usual table in the dining room, but is joined by his roommate as well as at least one other male resident from his wing. Because everyone seems to gather for meals at least a half hour to an hour before being served, Tony's family has had to plan their visits during other times. They used to be able to join him at mealtime, but there just isn't enough space at the table anymore!
l Late December was a tough time at Epsom Manor. A flu epidemic struck the residents and staff alike, from around December 26 to January 2. Tony was very ill on New Year's Eve, though he and many of the other residents had received a flu shot in October. By January 1, in the late afternoon, Tony's stomach was settled, and he was just fighting off a mild fever. He reported feeling well, and enjoyed a family visit and delivery of some e-mail that had been sent.
l On Saturday the 4th of January, family members are planning a surprise anniversary party for Tony -- he'll be at Epsom Manor one year on the 9th. If Tony is feeling well enough for pictures, they will be posted under the "Photos" page when completed.
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