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About the Chickens' Names

Right from the start, the boys wanted to name the chicks. Ryan chose Providence (for one of the Rhode Island Reds) and Nugget (for one of the Golden Halcrosses). Michael chose Lil' Red for his Rhode Island, and Buffy for his Golden (because we were told this crossbreed turns a nice buff color). That left one of the Goldens and one of the Reds to still be named.

While cleaning out the brooder one day, Mom noticed that one of the un-named chicks was unusually attracted to the plastic picnic fork she used to scoop poop from the feeders. So this Golden Halcross chick became Picnic. And Picnic still is the most curious of our hens, and will always come over to watch us cleaning the coop and give us her two cents about what we are doing.

It was Providence who died at three days old, and so the last little un-named Rhode Island Red was called Providence in honor of her.

Buffy was the slowest to grow feathers and a tail. She stayed buff-colored for quite a while. But when her feathers started coming in -- WOW -- she was almost redder than the Reds! We re-named her Ginger, which aptly describes her coloring today. Like the other Goldens, she has a fluffy, buff-colored rear end, instead of the reddish one the others have.